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Judokaa Dive Center: Grand Opening – Judokaa Scuba

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165 Garrard Road Unit 1A

(905) 626-0300


August 2022

Judokaa Dive Center: Grand Opening

Judokaa dive center is proud to announce the opening of a new scuba diving school at 165 Garrard Road Whitby Ontario under the agency Technical Diving International. This location has been providing martial arts training since 2017 and now will offer both scuba diving and martial arts.

Judokaa dive center applied and was accepted as the latest new TDI SDI technical dive facility with all the rights and privileges that come with the world-renowned organization.

Owner-operator Mr. Kevin Ausman has been working since 2014 toward being able to be an instructor in the amazing sport of scuba and snorkeling. With training started in Ontario and open water completion in 2014 Mr. Ausman moved on to training in the Caribbean and completed many of the basic training programs right up to the assistant instructor.

Achieving instructor status in 2018 with PADI Mr. Ausman went on to complete instructor training in 4 different agencies including the esteemed HSA (Handicap Scuba Association).

September 11 Judokaa Scuba was accepted as a full SDI/TDI dive center with all the privileges and services that come with the esteemed organization and are able to offer all open water training and certifications.

Judokaa is no stranger to training having run a martial arts program in the Durham area since 1989 in both Whitby and Oshawa with many kids and adults have enjoyed the safe martial arts training offered.

Judokaa dive center is looking forward to offering scuba and snorkeling services, training, certifications, and even trips both locally and overseas at various resorts and dive centers in various parts of the world.

Judokaa Dive center offers all services needed in training with air fills, equipment, and a classroom set up for training.

Judokaa Scuba can be contacted at (905) 626-0300 or emailed at judokaascubaclub@gmail.com
We are Covid19 safe with the protection offered if required and we are planning a grand opening within a few weeks.

Judokaa Dive Center offers all the following courses as well as a few not listed here:
· Snorkeling
· Open Water Scuba Diver
· Computer Diver
· Scubility
· Marine EcoSystems Awareness
· Deep Diving
· Computer Nitrox
· Nitrox
· Dry Suit Diving
· Underwater Navigation Diving
· Night-Limited Visibility Diving
· Advanced Buoyancy
· Underwater Digital Photography
· Underwater Photography
· Underwater Video
· SDI Sidemount Diving
· Search and Recovery Diving
· Wreck Diving

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