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Start Training With Our SDI/TDI Professional Instructors Now – Judokaa Scuba

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165 Garrard Road Unit 1A

(289) 275-8422


Start Training With Our SDI/TDI Professional Instructors Now

One of the most important features Judokaa Dive center has is the one on one training we are so famous for. Kevin Ausman doesn’t teach diving to cover the bills he and his staff teach scuba because they love the sport and the fact that scuba is so amazing.

SDI is a perfect fit for us as they have a lot of flexibility when it comes to learning how to scuba. Other organizations have great standards as well but its the flexibility and the family feel around SDI that made us know that’s where we wanted to be.

Come in and see us and you will see the difference right from the start!!



You never know what you will see diving but if your lucky you just might meet these guys. Nothing more amazing than using the skills you learn with Judokaa in far off places diving with friends like these

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