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The Judokaa Scuba Air Difference

Judokaa Air Quality is Tested Annually

Judokaa Dive Center is extremely concerned with the air quality and works hard to assure the standards are at the highest levels. Judokaa uses RPC Laboratories every year, to offer further protection of breathing gas purity. Our fills meet or exceed the purity requirements of CSA Standards Z180.1 and Z275.2. We test our air because we care about your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all!! Most course are available online which can be done at your own speed and time. You can always call the dive instructor anytime you have an issue and just ask

Judokaa make the training and certification very competitive and reasonable. It is however wise to pick your instructor well as the realationship will go long into the future. If your instructor doesnt make themselve available even after the course you should have an issue with that 

Well we don’t like to toot our own horn but you asked so we will explain why. Judokaa has been teaching children and adults skills for over 3 decades and scuba training is a prefect fit. Most of the training is done by Kevin Ausman a second degree black belt in judo a first aid instructor with St Johns and security company owner operator for over 40 years. You are in great hands. 

As an instructor I have witnessed dive centers abroad doing training too fast and with equipment that was overused or not the proper size. Scuba diving is a safe sport and can be one of the most amazing things a person has ever done. Assure the training is done to the highest standards and it will assure safe diving anywhere in the world you decide to get wet. 

Absolutely!!! You can be very proud of the SDI/TDI name on the card. SDI/TDI are a world leader and are known in the industry as a place that does excellent certifications. TDI are the worlds leader in technical diving worldwide  

No!! Judokaa assure all divers purchase fins, mask, boots and snorkel before doing any course at a great price but buying the rest of the gear should come after a bit of experience. You probably wont hear any other dive center say that but that’s part of the Judokaa difference HONESTY

We sure hope you do. We offer all the specialtiy courses you need right up to instructor. Its important you feel comfortable with your instructor as if you do you will want to take many of the other courses that make diving even more exciting

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